Feeling overwhelmed? Frustrated with daily interruptions? Take a break from life’s distractions with Ansonya’s newest devotional!

Leaders! Are you . . . 

Feeling worn-out?
Just plain done?

Take a few minutes to breathe, hear God’s voice, and be refreshed in the Eikonic Leader watered by the word.   

Ansonya’s uplifting scriptures in song project it’s sure to encourage and nourish your mind, body and soul.  We are constantly pouring out, serving and giving of ourselves.  But the reality is that we cannot give what we don’t have.  We simply cannot replenish others from an empty well.  We are not called to survive, we were created to thrive.  

Watered by the Word is an invitation to step away from the clamor of everyday life and enter the depths.  A call to steal away and be cleansed by His truth, to soak in His peace, and to allow the beauty of His word to wash over you.

With each track, you’ll experience a scripture verse – spoken over you and then powerfully sung over you.  As you step away from the shore and allow this offering to carry you, you’ll encounter the presence of your beautiful Savior, wave after wave after wonderful wave.

Watered by the Word is perfect for:

  • Morning quiet time or prayer
  • Stress + anxiety reduction at the end of the day
  • Meditation and relaxation 
  • Setting a Kingdom culture in your home or workplace
  • Helping your family memorize scripture + declare truth over their lives
Featuring the powerful vocals of Angie Lewis and the brilliant audio-architecture of Robert Ellis Jr., you can now fill your heart and home with this beautiful, grace-drenched arrangement that will not only enable you to soak up the Word, but will restore and renew your spirit with each listen.
Are you discouraged? Do you feel like nothing is ever enough? Do you feel that no matter how much you try, things don’t change? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The SOAKING Experience is designed for all of you who are weary, facing disillusionment, and in desperate need of change. 

The truth is that sometimes it’s not that you don’t have enough faith, or that you don’t believe that God can transform your life.
What you lack is a STRATEGY, a plan of action. 
We are committed to providing you with earthly and spiritual tools to take you to the next level of fulfillment. 
You don’t want to miss this Soaking experience. 

These products were designed with you in mind.  They are for men and women leaders in need of rest and a little room to breathe

We are constantly pouring out, serving, giving of ourselves.  But the reality is that we cannot give what we don’t have.  We simply cannot replenish others from an empty well.  We are not called to survive, we were created to thrive. 

So, the next step is yours . . .

Like our bodies need oxygen, our souls need to breathe the breath of heaven.  You’re invited to break away from all the pressure and unending demands of leadership.

This resource is something you'll use over and over again and it's so affordable, there's no reason not to grab it!

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  • Powerful Affirmations and Declarations for leaders

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